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Tacloban the Second Time Around

Thanks to Palarong Pambansa 2016 in Legazpi, Albay that we decided to go on a road trip last April.  The trip would mean passing by the provinces of Agusan and Surigao then crossing to reach the island of Leyte. It was a happy thought that three years after I would be taken back to Tacloban City, at least, before reaching our final destination.




Well, it has a changed a lot. There were new structures and renovations done. We stayed in the same place where I stayed three years ago.  I got to reminisce the place that way it was before and I was glad that  I am making another happy memory, but this time, with my kids around.  We dropped by Mc Arthur’s Park, the Cathedral, Provincial Capitol and got to taste their local cuisine.  We had a romantic departure from Leyte because it was sunset when we crossed the San Juanico Bridge and the view was just awesome.







At the Mac Arthur Landing Memorial in Palo, Leyte


We pay homage to the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Sto. Niño Church, Tacloban


The view from here is just breathtaking. 

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The Longing to Write Again

I got to think what has happened to me in 2012 and 2013 that I was able to write my thoughts and feelings then.   For months or years now I wanted to write again. There have been a lot of significant events, and I must say it’s worth documenting.  There have been bursts of emotions, roller coaster rides, travels, milestones, change of priorities, etc.

Last Mother’s Day, my firstborn posted something on Facebook, and I can see that he can write well. I didn’t expect he can already think deeply and able to put in words his thoughts and feelings. I may have forgotten that he’s already fifteen. Father’s Day came, and he showed again what he could do in writing. Maybe I was inspired by his recent posts that i find the longing to write again.

Miko’s Father’s Day Facebook post.

My firstborn’s Mother’s Day Facebook post.


Well, there are a lot of things in my mind. As in, a lot! But there’s one that gives me a different kind of feeling especially when i read my previous blog about Tacloban. So, I think, I will do first about the road trip we had last April.

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Summer Office Essential

Time to refresh the Office Dress Code This Summer!
As summer heats up, we don’t have to cover up to keep it office – appropriate, especially when we make smart switches to lightweight fabrics, bright colors and breezy silhouettes that get the job done without compromising on style or comfort.
Below are 7 office-style game changers to shake up our 8 to 4 dressing routine in the best way possible. Think printed pants, boxy modern tops and a cool new carryall to take us right into the conference room or testing room in style. 

 Source: weworewhat 

 Pastels and Neutrals








Splash of Color



 Pattern Mixing 



 Light Layers 



 Back to Basics



Bold Patterns



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Tacloban: Remembering It My Way

Much have been said about Tacloban right now. Things I don’t like anymore to hear, watch or read. I’m thinking of finding ways on how to take part in the relief operations. I’m sorting out goods and medicines so we could respond to the needs of the super typhoon victims. The present scenario is heartbreaking.

But I’d like to remember Tacloban City as how I experienced the place the first time I went there.

I’m a hopeless-romantic (in short, corny) that’s why I find it breathtaking to see vast blue waters as the plane slowly landing its way in Romualdez Airport.

My host then, a generous host I should say, treated me for lunch in somewhat a “floating restaurant”. There I had a magnificent view of the nearby islands and the crystal clear waters. I was introduced to the different spots along the way. I was given enough time to rest in a homey traveler’s inn – located just infront of a convention center. Around mid afternoon (since I can’t put myself into sleep again), I explored
the city by foot. I had the chance to interact with the locals. They were all warm knowing that I was a tourist. They were very accommodating, giving me directions and suggestions. I’ve got to hear their dialect and I’ve got to play with the kids along the bay. I visited Imelda’s museum. I haggled with the local drivers to bring me to Mc Arthur’s spot which is still 14 kms. away from the city proper. Exhausted from my immersion I found myself in the mall shortly after sunset. For remembrance I got myself a shirt and ate my hunger away. Halfway through my meal my very nice host picked me up and toured me again around the city. There was a nice spot where we had massage, booze and unending friendship tales.

This tale will always be in my memory. And I like to keep it that way as long as I still don’t have another happy memory to add with Tacloban.

It was a very quick stay since I have to fly early morning of the following day to catch up with my after-lunch appointment. It was so quick that I didn’t even remember some places I went to. But I was more than glad I had pleasant memories to share about the place. It was just a 16-hour adventure yet it was all worth the connecting flights.

It was just an out of the blue plan with Almira my office mate, whose native town is in Guiuan, a van ride away from the city. I gamely took the side trip and together we went with our adventure.

Days after that escapade Fr. Ritche Elot SJ, shared in Facebook his photos about Tacloban and nearby places in Eastern Samar. It was breathtaking. Now, it’s heartbreaking. My heart still bleeds.





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Random Thoughts

While deleting some unwanted and unnecessary files on my phone, I came across my notes last September. While some are trivial, others I think are also worth sharing especially when it talks about life and all it’s complexities.
So, here’s mine.

***Just for a time I wanna be lost in my happy place.

***Sept. 3
There were times when no matter how much u want things to get done, still nothing has been accomplished. Yesterday was all like that.

I hate this when I’m being picked on. Pushed to the limit and under estimate my capacity.

***When I woke up this morning, I felt so weird. I was trying to remember my dream. ’twas about vanilla ice. Maybe I was having this pathetic thoughts about him that it was made into a dream.

***September 5
We had fun this morning watching some video clips about the recent Tony Awards on YouTube.

Neil Patrick Harris, the host, again, gave a “brava” opening and closing numbers.

***Mitz, my office mate also wanted me to watch performances of the casts of Pippin and Matilda. It was jaw dropping! Pramis!

***Later in the afternoon while I was walking in my “sanctuary”, I’ve got to think about those kids who performed during the Tony Awards. When they were still a Toddler, Did they already know what they want to become later in their lives. At such an early age, they were such a pro.

***Sometimes I find it amusing watching my toddler manipulating with gadgets. His idea of a mobile device is – it’s a touch screen. Whenever he sees a mobile phone with a keypad, to him, it’s a remote control.


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The Will to Control and the Struggle of Letting Go

It’s already past midnight and still no sign of sleepiness. I wanted to do something worthwhile like updating my playlist or edit some files in the laptop but I’m too lazy to do that. Good thing my phone always come in handy. Writing down my thoughts for today would be a good therapy because my feelings are overwhelming. The reason maybe why I couldn’t put myself into sleep. Well, this is all about letting go and letting God.
I have already carefully planned my weekend. It was a perfect plan, (at least that’s how I think about it). Actually we have planned for it for how many months now. Then came 1 txt that shattered it all, “Alaska Cup is cancelled”.
I was really at lost last Thursday. I have plan B (as always) but Jong won’t agree to it. I don’t like to insist because it’s useless.
I woke up the following day feeling blank. I don’t know what to do. I still hold on to that idea of my supposed to be activity for the next 2 days. It was difficult. I was already tempted to wear my bitch-crown. I tried to go on with my routine for the day and do my domestic duties but I can’t help but to bury myself in bed and sleep to my heart’s content. I’m supposed to be happy because nobody in the house cared of what I was doing but then again, I was feeling frustrated. What can I do? Those are things beyond my control. I know right?! There are things really that no matter how we want it to be..still you can’t say that it’s final. It’s always with God’s grace and blessings.
In times like these, I am reminded that there’s a Supreme Being. I cannot just simply do what I wanted to do or get what I wanted to have.
I am humbled.


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Enhancing Communication Skills Among Family Members


       One of the most important things in life is family. The family should be a source of comfort, safety and happiness. When a family communicates well, the home runs more smoothly and each member becomes happy and contented. It is believed that belonging to a happy family plays a very significant part in helping someone to achieve his/her goals of happiness and contentment. But happiness at home cannot be attained without communication.

It is a challenge for all family members to maintain healthy relationships with each other. The delicate balance between promoting individual growth and preserving commitments and family participation among family members is difficult to achieve. A strong sense of family values must be present. The most important component in the success of obtaining these goals is healthy communication.

Healthy communication is the foundation for all relationships. It is particularly essential within families since you spend the most time with family members and these relationships are with you throughout your lifetime. Doctor Patricia Tanner Nelson, Ed.D., a family and human development specialist explains, “It is through communication that we convey our thoughts, feelings, and connection to one another.”

            On September 20, 2013, the Grade V level had a “Parent Talk” program where parents were invited to speak to each class about common concerns that the students were facing.  Growing up issues was tackled and relationships with their parents and guardians were also discussed.  Based on the feedback gathered from the students and the parent-speakers, communication plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy relationship among family members. 


The Grade V Parenting Forum on Enhancing Communication Skills among Family Members

            This program is created to address the need of the students to have a healthy relationship with their parents by maintaining an open communication.  

            We would like to conduct a 2 and ½ hour of parenting session among grade 5 parents and guardians with a minimal fee of 150.00 on Enhancing Communication Skills to promote better relationships with their children especially during adolescent stage. This will be on October 4, 2013, 5:30-8:00PM at the Grade School Conference Room.



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About “Pork”: Integrity will Prevail


[Address in Rizal Park, Davao, on Monday, August 26, contra PDAF corruption]

Today we come together as Filipino citizens who believe in the Philippines and believe in one another. We come together with love for our country and love for one another, refusing to yield to the temptation of losing hope, of forfeiting our future, of living to simply bow our heads in shame. We Filipinos do not define ourselves by the likes of Janet Napoles; we do not define ourselves by corruption; we do not define ourselves by lies, manipulation and fear. We define ourselves by our love for ourselves, our families, for our nation, and in our love for our God, who has blessed us all in so many diverse ways, but has blessed us most specially by creating us Filipinos and Filipinas. We define ourselves by the future we lock arms together today to defend and embrace…

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Puberty Gone Right

I just wanted to share how my first born’s physical transformation in the last 6 months.


I remember writing a blog last March and shared his yearbook picture. That was when he was about to graduate and I’m dealing with some of his growing up issues.

He’s been a chubby boy (just like his mom) since grade 4. When he reached grade 6 he began to feel conscious of his body. He made conscious effort to lose weight through his favorite sport. He went back swimming (with a different trainer this time) in the middle of the school year. He lost 10 lbs. but it didn’t really made a big difference with how he looked.

Over the summer he joined the Red Cross Junior Lifeguard training. It was for 3 weeks from 8-5pm. After that he went through another rigorous swimming practice in preparation for the varsity try outs. He’s really been aiming for that since last year.

His hardwork paid off. Hence, this new look.


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Simple Pleasures and Sanity Keepers

Maybe my everyday-weekday schedule has made its toll on me when for a time I don’t like to do anything anymore. All i wanna do is to lay my sleepy head or to stare blankly on the wall for hours.
With everyday-weekday, it means leaving the house before 7AM, and go home at around 7PM. That’s 12 hours more or less. My work starts at 7:40 and technically ends at 3:30. But for some complicated reasons, I extend up to 5PM or if I’m too inspired to finish something, I end until we’re about to be picked up.

Beginning this school year, my 2 grown up kids qualified for the varsity (Miko in HS swimming and Julien in GS Football) and that entails M-F worth of training and practice. I can’t complain of my kids’ achievements in their chosen sport. I’m actually extra proud of them because I never get into sport when I was still in my growing up years. I envy how dedicated they are in their field. How they put a balance in their interests and academics is also something I want them to congratulate. It’s a life-skill. I’m grateful they learned that at an early age.
But it also came to a point that I got tired of the routine. I felt guilty that I never got to spend enough quality time with my toddler. I got fed up with the unending expenses. I felt exhausted with the tournaments.
To keep me sane, i remind myself of this famous tag line, “Dawat-dawat na lang jud ta ani”.

Dealing with this issue i tried to look around and i have found simple things that surprisingly made my everyday-weekday life interesting.

1. Avocado Shake – it’s the fresh avocado fruit shake of Don and Max’s at the Ateneo Grade School food court that always makes my day. Aside from the health benefits of avocado, it’s the friendly sales ladies of Don and Max’s that makes me want for more servings.
2. Fried Taco- it was actually my son, Miko who gave me my first bite of Taco Boy’s fried taco. I’ve always been partial to Mexican foods (and Japanese, too!). There are other food carts that serve Mexican foods like Nachos and burritos. But it’s the fried taco that stands out (at least to me). It used to be takoyaki on the early part of the school year but the store didn’t stay that long.
3. Tortang talong for breakfast – this is actually a breakfast hype in the office. I guess there are 3 of us who are into this talong craze. We enjoy eating it while sharing anecdotes and jokes only us in the SDC can understand. Maybe more than the talong, its the laughter that gives us joy amidst the Work pressure.
4. My afternoon time with the Tartan Track – I always look forward to my time with the tartan track because its a breather for me. Trivia: the hundredacrewoods blog came into life as inspired by my moments in the track. I don’t know but I feel a sense of peace and serenity if I’m in the rubberized track of Ateneo. I got to enjoy my solitude. It is where I think things through and clear my mind with all those concerns that has been bugging me during the day. True enough I feel better after a 30 or 60- minute walk, jog, run. It works wonder. The benefit is not just for my physical health but for my mental health as well.
5. FP and MHL- ha! The most hilarious tv show. Fashion Police!!! I don’t know but I just love Joan Rivers . Her sarcasm is epic! My Husband’s Lover in GMA is actually a breath of fresh air in Philippine television. I’ve never been a fan of teleseryes but this one, is an exception. It was my good friend Gladys who introduced it to me. At first, it was just the musical scoring that made us interested. But as the story unfolds, I fell in love with Dennis Trillo’s character as Eric.
6. Free wifi and Smart 3G service – the whole Matina campus is a wifi zone. That makes it easy for faculty members to access emails and LAN services sans Facebook. By just logging in your ADDU ID, you’re already on to the worldwide web. For some obvious reasons, I subscribed to Smart’s 3G service. That means for just 500 monthly, I have 1Gb worth of data services usage. Not bad. Now that explains all the FB updates my friends have been reading in their newsfeeds. Others have been asking if I am overwhelmed by the flood of information in the net. Well, as long as it doesn’t concerns me, then No. I’m not overwhelmed. So I don’t mind getting online 24/7 as long as it keeps my sanity.